Pigro among the candidates for the Leonardo Start Up Special Prize 2021
2 December 2021
Pigro among the candidates for the Leonardo Start Up Special Prize 2021
Pigro is on the shortlist for the Leonardo Start Up Special Prize, promoted by the Leonardo Committee in collaboration with the Ministry of Economic Development.

We are proud to announce that Pigro has been selected among the startups nominated for the Leonardo Startup Special Award, promoted by the Leonardo Italian Quality Committee, together with the Ministry of Economic Development and the ICE Agency.

Pigro offers Knowledge Management solutions for companies and organizations, leveraging Artificial Intelligence.

Leonardo Start Up Special Prize

Candidates for the Leonardo Start Up Special Prize are chosen from a wide range of startups that have won the main national and international competitions.

The winner will be selected by a jury of experts, composed of representatives of the main associations belonging to the ecosystem of innovative entrepreneurship.

The evaluation will take into account some key parameters such as:-innovation-the contribution is given to the construction of the Italian image in the world-ability to inspire new generations.

The Start Up Special Prize joins other prestigious awards that are conferred to Italian and foreign companies and entrepreneurs, as part of the Italian Quality Day.

The Leonardo CommitteeThe Leonardo – Italian Quality Committee was founded in 1993 on the initiative of Confindustria, ICE, and a group of Italian entrepreneurs, including Gianni Agnelli and Sergio Pininfarina, with the aim of promoting Italian quality at an international level.

The name Leonardo was chosen, not by chance, to pay homage to the intellectual union between art, science, and technology, a symbol of Italy’s success throughout the world.

Today, the Committee associates more than 160 Italian companies, entrepreneurs, scientists, and personalities from the cultural scene and is supported by the Institutions – including the President of the Council of Ministers, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of Economic Development, and the Minister for Cultural Heritage and Activities – for the realization of initiatives aimed at valorizing Made in Italy and creating synergies both in Italy and abroad.Confindustria and the ICE Agency offer strategic and operational support to this entire series of activities, which include:– the Leonardo Prizes, Leonardo Qualità, Career Awards, Special Prizes, and Startup Prizes, which recognize the talent of Italian companies that have distinguished themselves as “ambassadors of the Italian image in the world”; – Meetings with the Territory, which promote comparison and cooperation between entrepreneurs from the many local realities;– participation in international missions.