Pigro at the PitchForce Competition
on April 15th 2021
7 December 2020
Pigro will be in Dubai for the Global Start Up Program, from the 21st of February to the 16th of April, 2021
During the programme Pigro will be inside the Dubai Future Accelerators, the most important startup accelerator in the UAE, for an integrated development path abroad.

Pigro at the Global Start Up Program

Pigro was selected among 150 innovative Italian start-ups, “engaged in the development of product or service innovations, which intend to strengthen their technical, organisational and financial capabilities to address new markets”.

Pigro team members will spend six weeks at Dubai Future Accelerators, the UAE’s leading startup accelerator, to enhance, implement and consolidate their technical and managerial skills and “foster new business opportunities and attract international investment”.

The program

The Global Start Up Program is organised by ICE (Agency for the Promotion Abroad and the Internationalisation of Italian Enterprises) on the instructions of the Ministry of Economic Development.

During the acceleration period abroad, the start-ups will take part in networking events, workshops and socio-cultural activities.

In addition, meetings with investors and corporations will be organised, as well as mentoring activities, aimed at offering a pathway for start-ups to “exponentially increase their capacity for professional development”.