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AI Powered Technology
AI Powered Technology

Precise Answers, Zero Effort.

Pigro simplifies the process of finding answers within your knowledge base, saving time and increasing productivity in your organization.
Pigro simplifies the process of finding answers within your knowledge base, saving time and increasing productivity in your organization.
The AI-Powered Search Engine selected by Major Companies across various industries to Enhance the Retrieval of Precise and Accurate Information

Not just any Search Engine

Imagine the power of crafting your own questions in natural language and getting precise answers, every time.
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Unlock your team's Potential

From Help Desk to Sales, Pigro unlocks peak performance with sharp answers and accurate Information.
AI Powered
Which tools verify faults in digital broadcast systems?
In the digital broadcast system, various tools are employed
to verify faults. Spectrum analyzers assess signal quality, identifying interference or signal degradation. Bit error rate (BER) testers evaluate the accuracy of transmitted data.
These tools collectively ensure performance.
Human Resources
Help Desk

Pigro by the Numbers

Resolving, boosting, empowering Enterprises and beyond.
Success rate in information retrieval process.
Hours saved daily per workspace on average.
Maintenance Costs with pigro.
Maintenance effort
with pigro.
AI Powered Technology

AI Powered Magic

The moment AI meets your Enterprise's workflow, resulting in an impactful boost in Productivity.

Infinite Possibilities

Seamless Integration: Integrate Pigro with any document repository, allowing you to maintain your current way of working without any changes.
Friendly API
Developer Friendly
Access Control & Authentication
End-to-end encryption
End-to-end encryption
Access Control & Authentication
End-to-end encryption
Access Control & Authentication

Vault Grade Security

Your data is fully protected through strict compliance with various cybersecurity Standards required by regulations.

How Pigro Works

Import, improve, and get instant answers effortlessly.

Connect any source of Information

Pigro imports and dynamically updates all your documents and files instantly, supporting all file types.

Improve the knowledge base quality

Pigro optimizes your knowledge base by streamlining content, removing redundancies, enhancing organization, and resolving documentation issues.

AI Powered
Delete 31 duplicates of existing documents
Fix sharing permissions of 127 documents
Delete 74 obsolete versions of documents

Finally, You have Pigro

An AI-powered search engine, allowing you to generate and get instant, accurate answers to any question you ask, maximizing productivity within your organization.

AI Powered Technology

Case Studies

How it was:

The customer service of SKY Italia had to face significant challenges in terms of service efficiency and ticket resolution times before the implementation of Pigro's Knowledge Retrieval system.
The existing system struggled to meet the demands of over 5000 Customer Service Agents, resulting in inefficiencies and prolonged ticket resolution times.

The process:

The introduction of Pigro's Knowledge Retrieval System has transformed SKY Italia's operations. Process-focused, the integration aimed to streamline workflows and proactively address customer service challenges, with a strong emphasis on optimizing efficiency.

The results:

The success of SKY Italia, supported by Pigro, highlights the impact of technology on customer service.
The results obtained include a significant increase in efficiency and faster issue resolution, setting a new standard for customer-centric innovation in the telecommunications sector.

How it was:

MSC encountered internal inefficiencies in the HR and IT help desk divisions. The suboptimal process for information retrieval and ticket opening often hindered issue resolution.

The process:

The integration of Pigro marked a strategic move that propelled MSC towards a new era of internal support. Pigro's technology facilitated a self-service model for IT and HR issues resolution.

The results:

This strategic move resulted in a 63% improvement in employee issue resolution efficiency for MSC. Throughout the process, strict data security protocols were maintained, demonstrating a commitment to safeguarding sensitive information.Pigro has improved employee issue resolution efficiency at MSC.

How it was:

The search of useful information during website navigation was extremely challenging for users. Too much time was wasted during the browsing experience.

The process:

The integration of Pigro on the BNP website has simplified the user experience and significantly improved the retrieving for of information during navigation.

The results:

Exceeding expectations, the integration of Pigro has shown tangible results. A 45% increase in user engagement and a positive impact on customer interaction and brand perception.
BNP Paribas not only tackled the initial challenges but also set a new industry standard for customer-centric innovation in the banking sector through this successful integration.

Common Questions

Answering the most common questions we get at Pigro.

What is Pigro exactly?

Pigro is an AI-powered search engine designed for medium and large enterprises. Once your content repository is connected, Pigro can generate precise and instant answers to user queries in natural language, thus increasing productivity and improving efficiency within the organization.

What are some specific use cases of Pigro?

Pigro has various applications, including support for customer service agents, an internal helpdesk to support IT and HR divisions, a search engine serving sales and marketing divisions, and much more. These use cases demonstrate the versatility of Pigro in various organizational functions and departments.

Can Pigro be integrated into existing internal tools?

Yes, Pigro offers the possibility of integration with internal company systems, such as intranet portals developed on Microsoft Sharepoint or ServiceNow, different repositories like Google Drive, OneDrive, Confluence, etc. , CRMs like Salesforce, or knowledge management systems. The integration also allows for dynamic and daily updating of knowledge, replicating access privileges to content and resources.

What are the specific phases in Pigro's adoption?

The adoption of Pigro begins by evaluating the quality of the knowledge base. Subsequently, we provide operational suggestions to improve the quality of the document base. We then develop a POC (proof of concept) based on a limited content scope to test the technology on the customer's use case.
Finally, once the POC meets expectations, we gradually implement the complete solution by activating the necessary features for the customer.

How are permissions and authorizations managed for different areas of my Knowledge Base?

You can manage and control rights and permissions to access your knowledge base directly in Pigro. Alternatively, you can simply replicate the access permission settings already set in the repositories integrated with Pigro. This way, you can easily retrieve the appropriate content for the right people without any effort on your side.

"I have a search bar on my systems, and the knowledge base I have is fine, so I don't need a tool for organizing it and retrieving answers." Why would I need pigro?

Pigro goes beyond the expectations of what you would normally get from a regular search engine. Pigro generates and provides instant and precise answers in seconds, regardless of how you phrase the question. Increase your team's productivity and improve the quality of your knowledge base by identifying duplicates and suggesting actions to enhance the effectiveness of your knowledge base.

AI Powered Technology
AI Powered Technology

Power up your workspace with Pigro

Join 10k+ users who supercharged their productivity within their organization by getting instant answers effortlessly.
Join 10k+ users who supercharged their productivity within their organization
by getting instant answers effortlessly.