gro participates in Smau Milano 2021.
6 October 2021
Pigro participates in Smau Milano 2021, the reference event for innovative enterprises, and launches a new product
On October 12th and 13th, 2021 Pigro will be in Milan, at Fiera, to participate in Smau and launch Paragraphs, a new free tool to search for information in your documentation and create new content.

MiCo (Milan Convention Centre) will host the 55th edition of Smau, the main Italian trade fair dedicated to information and communication technologies.

Pigro will participate in the event along with startups, companies, and numerous speakers to address industry and current topics.

SMAU and startups?

For startups, Smau represents an important opportunity to promote their business, find new customers, and get in touch with journalists and media.

Especially for those who are starting a process of internationalization, Smau represents a ground for comparison with similar realities, to meet investors and start partnerships.

For the 55th edition, Smau has devised 13 thematic areas, with expert speakers in the field, such as Artificial intelligence & machine learning, Augmented & virtual reality, Blockchain, Cloud and Big Data, E-commerce, IoT, and others.During the event, Startup Safaris will also be organized every day, i.e. customized tours based on the various needs of visitors, with the aim of introducing them to the realities that are most similar to their interests or their business.

Pigro at SMAU, the 2021 objectives Pigro, a startup that provides knowledge management solutions to companies and public bodies, will be present during the event with a physical stand inside the Milano Fiera exhibition space.

Pigro makes natural language querying of digital business documentation easy and effective.Companies produce an enormous amount of content that already contains the answers to users’ questions, whether they are customers or employees.

Pigro can automatically import business documentation in any format from any repository and automatically learn from the content.

At Smau 2021, Pigro will present Paragraphs, a new SaaS platform aimed at the consumer market in English, to search for information within documentation and simultaneously create reports, summaries, and any type of content.

The goal is to make the company scalable and to start addressing foreign markets. Since 2021 Pigro has, in fact, started a process of internationalization, participating in the Global Startup Program, within Dubai Future Accelerators, and realizing the solution for enterprises also in Arabic. The next international stages will be the Infoshare conference in Poland, on the Tech world, and the CES mega-event in Las Vegas.

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