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Welcome to Pigro, where AI-powered technology serves business productivity. In a solutions-driven world, we redefine knowledge search with precision and zero effort. Pigro simplifies and speeds up content retrieval within your knowledge base, saving time and increasing the productivity of the entire organization.
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AI Search Engine
AI Powered Technology
AI Powered Technology
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AI Powered Technology
The Idea
The name "Pigro" means "lazy" in Italian and if you are Lazy (minimum effort and maximum results), our technology is perfect for you. Originally conceived as an aggregator of news retrieved online on a specific topic, Pigro evolved into a comprehensive service focused on addressing the knowledge management challenges faced by medium and large companies. Inspired by Bill Gates' philosophy ("I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it"), we want you and your customers to be a little lazier, focusing on higher-value work, as Pigro effortlessly handles the complexities of knowledge management.
Unlock Infinite Possibilities
At Pigro, we believe in the possibility of surpassing boundaries and opening doors to new possibilities. Our artificial intelligence-based search engine is not just any search engine; it allows you to ask questions and receive precise answers every time. The impact of Lazy is measurable and transforms your company by streamlining processes. Lazy provides its service not only by offering an end-to-end solution but also by allowing access to its technology via API. Lazy ensures that your data is fully protected through strict compliance with cybersecurity measures.
How Pigro Works
Pigro seamlessly imports all your documents and files, supporting any type of format. Through automatic synchronization, Pigro ensures that you work on an always up-to-date knowledge base. Additionally, during the import process, the knowledge base is analyzed, suggesting deletions of duplicates, resolving access issues, and modifying the syntax and structure of the document. It is not just an artificial intelligence-based search engine; it is a comprehensive solution that enables your organization to operate more effectively and efficiently through its internal processes.
Case Studies: Transformative Impact
Learn from our success stories, like that of BNP Paribas, which transformed the user browsing experience on their website by increasing engagement by 42% and reducing the number of customer care requests. The integration of Pigro has set a new industry standard for customer-centric banking innovation. Join us on a journey where innovation meets simplicity and enhances the efficiency of your processes.
AI Powered Technology
AI Powered Technology

Power up your workspace with Pigro

Join 10k+ users who supercharged their productivity within their organization by getting instant answers effortlessly.
Join 10k+ users who supercharged their productivity within their organization
by getting instant answers effortlessly.