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Increase the performance of your support content.

Helpdesk And Customer Service
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Usability of help articles

Where Integrations and document support
break all boundaries.
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Sales & Marketing
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Findability of sales materials

Where Integrations and document support
break all boundaries.
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Human Resources
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Consistency of procedures

Where Integrations and document support
break all boundaries.
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Measure and Improve


Identify and resolve redundancy issues in documents by grouping versions, duplicates, and similarities, ensuring accurate and conflict-free information.

Knowledge Sharing

Spot unshared documents, and adjust permissions for security and productivity. Tailor sharing rules based on content relevance to streamline collaboration and eliminate delays.

Incoherent knowledge

Find irrelevant documents or those on less-covered topics in a repository. Optimize by moving files to a fitting knowledge base or enhancing related content availability.

Poor document quality

Automatically spot usability issues: complex language, long documents without structure, and scanned documents for improved organization and readability.

Scattered knowledge

Receive the list of external links in documents pointing to other knowledge bases, avoiding scattered information for efficient employee access.

Broken Experience

Automatically detect content with incorrect URLs, including links to restricted content, broken links, or obsolete media sources, enhancing overall content usability.

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AI Powered Technology

Build better knowledge experiences.

Enhance knowledge access with our browser extension, improving search within company apps for precise results and insights on content quality.

Search Insights

Control internal tool searches, track content demands, identify gaps, and optimize results for enhanced employee productivity and usable knowledge.

User Paths insights

Pigro tracks knowledge base usage, highlighting user actions. Identify bottlenecks, enhance clarity in procedures, guide, and help articles for actionable knowledge.

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