Pigro will be participating in the Le Bridge event happening on the 17th of April in Milan!
15 April 2023
Pigro will be participating in the Le Bridge event happening on the 17th of April in Milan!
🚀 Pigro is set to join the Le Bridge event on the 17th of April in Milan!

The excitement is palpable as Pigro gears up for this unique Business Matching opportunity orchestrated by the CCI France Italie - Camera di Commercio.📍
Curious about the venue?
Look no further than Le Village by CA Milano, nestled at Corso di Porta Romana 61.

The stage for B2B meetings will unfold in the La Place room, spanning from 3:30 to 6:00 pm.

Participation in events like Le Bridge transcends mere attendance; it's a strategic move towards broadening professional networks and uncovering fresh business prospects and potential collaborations.

Through these rendezvous, Pigro has consistently unearthed invaluable connections, fostered idea exchange, and catalyzed synergistic ventures.

🌐 Networking, the cornerstone of success across industries, takes center stage here. This occasion presents a prime opportunity to engage with fellow professionals, share insights, and glean novel perspectives.

🔍 Your presence at this event holds immense significance. Should you wish to partake or seek further details, direct your inquiries to Nicola Abbasciano.
The prospect of mingling with esteemed colleagues excites us, and we eagerly anticipate the offerings of Le Bridge.Drop a comment below to signify your attendance or to pose queries about the event! 👇

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The event "Le Bridge" represents a unique business matching opportunity that brings together Corporates, Startups, Innovative SMEs, Incubators, and Venture Capitalists with the aim of creating strategic partnerships and promoting innovation in the Franco-Italian context.
This event offers a wide range of networking opportunities to foster fruitful collaborations and accelerate the innovation process.
Through roundtable discussions, B2B meetings, startup pitch sessions, and networking moments, "Le Bridge" aims to facilitate dialogue and the exchange of ideas among participants.

Participating corporates are seeking innovative solutions to meet their business needs, while startups and innovative SMEs have the opportunity to present their innovative ideas and projects.If you are a corporate interested in discovering innovative solutions or a startup eager to understand the innovation needs of companies and to register for the event, "Le Bridge" invites you to participate actively.

It is worth noting that registration is free for startups associated with Chambre and/or Le Village by CA, offering an advantageous opportunity for entrepreneurial entities interested in participating in this exciting event dedicated to innovation and intercompany collaboration.

For more information about the event visit:https://live.eventtia.com/fr/bridge17042024/Bridge-2024/