Pigro takes part in the AI Summit London during the London Tech Week
4 May 2022
Pigro takes part in the AI Summit London during the London Tech Week
On 15th-16th June 2022, Pigro will be joining many companies at the AI Summit in London, a major event conceived to promote innovation in the AI sector.

The AI Summit series and the event in London

The AI Summit is a series of global events taking place since 2015, whose aim is to provide an explicative insight into the practical implications of AI for companies and enterprises.  

This year’s London-edition event will take place on 15-16 June, as a part of the London Tech Week.

The London Tech Week enables experts, entrepreneurs and innovators to connect with one another so that the sharing of knowledge on the latest technological trends in the AI sector is made possible.

The purpose of the event is indeed to establish connections and educate people on how AI can change our lives for the better.

The two-day event is hosted at Tobacco Dock, a space that will be purposely turned into an immersive showcase to allow the audience to engage with emerging technologies and practical AI applications.

Alongside experts of the sector – such as CEO, VP and directors, software engineers, and IT and innovation managers -, 50 among the top solution providers will also join the event. They will put forward their solutions and actively engage in discussions, masterclasses and hackathons.

Pigro at the AI SummitIn the 2022 edition, Pigro will be at the AI Summit with a stall in collaboration with the Italian Trade Agency.

The stall is located in the ICE pavilion in the AI Summit Expo, spots 200 and 203. On 16th June, Pigro will take the stage for the Pitching Competition, which gives the opportunity to the startups participating in the project to display their products and services to the audience. Pigro will host a demo of a 5-minute pitch.

Pigro deals with Knowledge Management and Information Retrieval, and specifically addresses companies and enterprises that wish to facilitate the search for information within a considerable amount of documentation.

The AI Summit proves to be a valuable opportunity to widen companies’ networking as well as to launch their own solutions on the international market. After having taken part in the acceleration program of TechItalia:Lab in March 2022, Pigro has indeed had the chance to focus on the UK market.

All of this was made possible thanks to specific mentorship sessions held by experts from the London backdrop.