Pigro participates in the Infoshare Startup Contest 2021 semi-finals
6 October 2021
Pigro participates in the Infoshare Startup Contest 2021 semi-finals
On October 14th, 2021, Pigro will be at the Infoshare Startup Contest 2021 semi-finals in Gdansk, Poland, and will have a chance to present in front of investors and startup experts.

GITEX 2021

Infoshare Startup Contest

2021 The Infoshare Startup Contest takes place every year during the Infoshare Conference, the biggest tech conference in Central and Eastern Europe, in Gdansk, Poland.

It allows the authors of ideas for innovative business and startup companies to gain visibility, knowledge, get inspired, grow their network, and overall present their business in front of investors and startup experts.The winner of this contest takes €20,000 back home.

The 5 stagesDuring the event, great keynote speakers will join Infoshare and give their speeches on 5 stages:Inspire stage: this stage will be about what are the business trends now, Tech4Good, Dangerous Tech, and Growth tips for Startups.Arena stage: on this stage, there will be semi-finals of the Infoshare Startup competition, tips for growing your business, or new products and services.

Marketing stage: on Marketing Stage, you’ll find analysis on communication and content marketing, testing its effectiveness, data analysis, martech trends and digital transformation.

DevTrends stage: this stage will be about success stories on implementing technological innovations into businesses, and topics such as UX/UI Design, CyberSecurity, Blockchain, Data Sciences, or Data AnalysisAdvancedDev stage: on this stage, you will be able to meet experts and developers who implement various type of technology in everyday lifePigro at Infoshare Startup Contest 2021 After a selection process among the startups that applied for the Contest, Pigro is among the 30 top-notch projects chosen to the next stage: the semi-finals!

Pigro team members will have the opportunity to present what Pigro is on October 14h in the city of Gdansk, Poland.

They will speak directly to the investors and audience during a 3-minute pitch to talk about what Pigro is about, and then they will answer the jury’s questions for 2 minutes.

For more information about the event: https://infoshare.pl/conference/