Pigro launches Paragraphs
6 October 2021
Pigro launches Paragraphs: bring together snippets from your knowledgebase to draw up your next document.
Paragraphs is a platform where you can create a new document directly from your knowledge base.

Pigro is thrilled to announce its new product: Paragraphs helps you to find information inside your individual or company knowledgebase and to use that/it to create a report, note-taking, summary, research, guide and much more.

3 simple steps to create your first booklet

With Paragraphs you can: find information inside your documents: upload your knowledge base on Paragraphs, ask a question in natural language, and retrieve the precise snippet of text containing the information you are looking for;collect paragraphs: gather the paragraphs with all the answers you need into a booklet, while the platform keeps track of the sources;

create a booklet: it’s a new document created with your selected paragraphs, where you can add your personal touch with extra text blocks.

Why try Paragraphs? Paragraphs is a free tool that helps you to compile new documents during your research.

Here are 3 reasons to try Paragraphs!1) Imagine creating reports while searching! With Paragraphs you can create a booklet while you are searching for information in your knowledge base.2)

Your content always updated. Every paragraph, section, and file you add to your booklet maintains the link to the original source.

Also, Paragraphs notifies you when the original files undergo any change: you can choose whether to update the related content or not. 3)

Share your work: when your booklet is ready, share it with your boss, your colleagues, your customer or with whoever you want.Discover Paragraphs for free and join our community on Discord!

Find all the information here: https://paragraphs.pigro.ai/