Pigro at the PitchForce Competition
on April 15th 2021
29 March 2021
Pigro is among the high tech startups that will participate in the PitchForce Competition on April 15th 2021
Pigro has been selected by the PitchForce Network to present its project to a panel of angel investors during the virtual competition on April 15, 2021, among 12 Italian startups.

PitchForce is a weekly event for early stage high-tech startup entrepreneurs to get a chance to deliver a 4-minute elevator pitch to a panel of seasoned angel investors.

Pigro is a startup that offers knowledge management solutions for corporates and organizations. After participation in the online CES 2021, among 53 Italian startups supported by the ICE/ITA Los Angeles, Pigro has been selected by the Pitch Force network to pitch in front of the investors virtually next April 15th.About the PitchForce networkMax Shapiro is the founder of PitchForce and CEO of PeopleConnect, a 20 year-old high tech startup recruiting firm.

He has been hosting monthly pitch events for the past 8 years. PeopleConnect aims to “connect promising companies with the talented peoplewho can bring their business to the next level”.

Most of their clients are innovative startups, growing companies and early-stages ventures, which PeopleConnect offers possibilities of networking and learning with PitchForce events.

PitchForce virtual formatEach company will deliver a 1-minute elevator to the Investor Panelists. There will be up to two questions from the panel.– After each company’s elevator pitch the panel will vote on a scale of 1-5 as to how much they like the company.– The top 5 vote getters will get to do a 4-minute ppt followed by 4 minutes of question and answers followed by 4 minutes of non-rebuttal feedback.

The panelists will vote again on the company based on their 4-minute ppt.– Winners will be announced following the pitches. Companies that do well often get meetings with the investors that result in beginning the process for Angel investment.

Find more  to participate in the Virtual Seed Round PitchForce. About Pigro

Pigro is an innovative startup that helps people find clear-cut answers inside the ever-growing knowledge bases of their organizations. A natural language interface to access company knowledge, suitable for corporates and institutions.

Organizations make huge efforts to create valuable support content. Pigro proprietary technology doesn’t require any initial long configuration like nowadays solutions (setup up time up to 10x faster), and learns automatically from any company’s knowledge base as it is  (data sets like user manuals, internal documents, website,..).

Pigro can be connected with any repository updating all content every time it change.

The system will be trained in just a few seconds without requiring any time-consuming activities by employees, cutting dramatically all maintenance costs.

Pigro is currently acquiring corporates clients on Italian market and starting the internationalization process from UE and UAE markets.